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On the Page, We’re All the Same

Spectrum Writing is a service aimed at equipping people on the Autism Spectrum with creative writing skills.





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About Us

Do you have a head full of story ideas and don’t know what to do next? We believe that writing is the most powerful form of communication a person with Autism possesses. Spectrum Writing is based in Adelaide, South Australia and offers Autism-specific workshops, mentorships, and a supportive writing group, with an aim to providing publishing opportunities. We also run a fun social group called ASD&D, which is an Autism-specific Dungeons and Dragons game – learn storytelling through play!

We have small class sizes, noise and distraction free venues, and fun engaging lessons. No matter what challenges you face, we can tailor our program to help you succeed. Here at Spectrum Writing, we challenge you to use your superpower, and to pursue your writing dreams TODAY.

Our motto is “On the Page, We’re All the Same.”

All Spectrum Writing staff have been police-checked and have clearances to work with children. Our services are suitable for people aged 10+

The Team

Jason Fischer


Jason is a writer, mentor and workshop facilitator from Adelaide, South Australia.

He holds an Advanced Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing), is a recipient of the Colin Thiele Literature Scholarship, and has won various literary awards including an Aurealis Award and the Writers of the Future Contest. In Jason’s jack-of-all-trades writing career he has worked on comics, apps, television, short stories, novellas and novels. Jason also facilitates writing workshops, is an enthusiastic mentor, and loves anything to do with the written or spoken word.

Jason is on the Autism Spectrum, to which he credits a lot of his success. He also has a passion for godawful puns, and is known to sing karaoke until the small hours.


Kate Fischer

Co-Founder/Business Manager

Kate Fischer is from Adelaide, South Australia. She’s married to Jason, and a busy mum of two.

She holds a Diploma of Community Services (Children’s Services) and Certificate 4 of Medical Practice Assisting.

Her background is in Early Childhood Education and Medical Administration and Management. She has extensive experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder, both professionally and personally. She has worked with children with additional needs in a DECD Kindergarten site and both her husband and son have ASD.

She is a gun when it comes to navigating the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) as a mum and also as a previous NDIS Coordinator at a local Paediatric Clinic. She enjoys gardening and watching her favourite Netflix and Stan shows when her children are finally asleep!

Maddi Schmidt

Session Assistant/Session Facilitator/Dungeon Master

Maddi wears many hats, being a Dental Assistant, professional massage therapist, a baseball player at a state level and a Dungeons & Dragons obsessive (seriously, ask her about her dice!). She is a heavy reader and a lover of all things in the fantasy and science fiction genres, and is learning how to communicate with Auslan.

The veteran of many campaigns with her own gaming group, she is now flexing her Dungeon Master muscles for Spectrum Writing. 

Josh Rice

Session Facilitator/Dungeon Master

Josh is a comedy writer, improv artist, actor and voice actor, and is also an experienced Dungeon Master and role-playing games player. Outside of D&D he has written multiple sellout comedy shows, and performed in Fringe festivals all over the world since 2007. He has also been involved in award winning short films, and was even on set for the Mortal Kombat film here in SA. 

Alan Baxter


Alan Baxter is a British-Australian multi-award-winning author of horror, supernatural thrillers, and dark fantasy. He’s also a martial arts expert and dog lover. He creates dark, weird stories among dairy paddocks on the beautiful south coast of NSW, Australia, where he lives with his wife, son, hound and other creatures. The author of more than twenty books including novels, novellas, and two short story collections, so far, you can find him online at or find him on Twitter @AlanBaxter and Facebook.

Narrelle Harris


Narrelle has been a professional writer for over twenty years, working with business, government and organisations as well as writing and editing fiction. Narrelle taught English as a Foreign Language in Egypt and Poland for several years. before returning to Australia in the 1990s. She also delivers talks and workshops for libraries and writing festivals.

As “Narrelle M Harris”, Narrelle writes crime, horror, fantasy, romance and, occasionally, science fiction. Her 30+ novels and short stories have been published in Australia, Croatia, US and the UK.

Laura Goodin

Mentor/Session Facilitator

Laura E. Goodin has been writing professionally for nearly 40 years.  She attended the 2007 Clarion South workshop, and holds a PhD in creative writing from the University of Western Australia.  Her novels After the Bloodwood Staff and Mud and Glass are available from Odyssey Books (  Her stories have appeared in numerous print and online publications; her plays and libretti have been performed on three continents; and her poetry has been performed internationally, both as spoken word and as texts for new musical compositions.  She has taught creative writing at Deakin University, and delivers workshops internationally and online to writers of all ages, from primary-school students to postgraduate students and community-based writers. She serves as one of the editors-in-chief for Fafnir – The Nordic Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy Research, and as an editorial advisor of the journal Science Fiction: A Review of Speculative Literature.

Andrew Lester

Session Facilitator/Painter/Dungeon Master

Andrew is a self described miniature and 3D printing addict; obsessed with monsters, beasts and nightmarish creatures all his life. He has been wargaming, role-playing and collecting and painting miniatures since he was very young.

Studying visual arts and film at university Andrew worked as a studio photographer for 15 years, 5 of those running his own studio in the Adelaide CBD.

The last 5 years he has stopped working full time to be a stay at home dad to his three kids with additional needs and to support his young daughter who is blind, autistic, mobility impaired and chronically ill.

His experiences with his own special needs children has given him great insight, sensitivity and understanding of others with similar and complex needs. Andrew has great joy in combining his creative passion with his rich life experiences to provide a safe and inclusive teaching environment for others to learn a life long and enriching hobby.

Jo Spurrier


Jo Spurrier was born in 1980 and has a Bachelor of Science, but turned to writing when chronic illness made a conventional career impossible; and let’s face it, making things up is more fun anyway. She lives in Adelaide with her husband, two sons and a formerly-feral cat.

Jo’s novels Winter Be My Shield and A Curse of Ash and Embers were both shortlisted for the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel, and Daughter of Lies and Ruin won the Stella Young Award from Dark Matter Zine for representation of disability in Fantasy.

Emma-Kate McDonald 

Session Assistant

Emma-Kate holds a BA in History from the University of Adelaide, with a minor in English. Her degree has been useful in a lot of weird ways—mostly for her fiction writing. She’s been featured in several
anthologies, and is plodding away at several novels. She’s jumped around jobs, from being a librarian, to an SSO working with children with additional needs. Emma-Kate herself has several diagnoses, and endeavours to extend empathy to all.

Just like in real life, she prefers playing chaotic gremlins in TTRPG and upsetting her DM friends. When she isn’t writing or playing TT, she enjoys sewing, cosplaying, and video games—and most
importantly of all, her extensive Titanic collection/obsession!

Dungeons & Dragons miniatures, dice and handbook on a table with pads and pencils

Liam Thorpe

Session Facilitator/Dungeon Master

Liam Thorpe is an Adelaide-based writer, creator, and artist, who spends his days working  in marketing and the rest of the time working his imagination. A true renaissance man, he has turned his hand at writing, painting, sculpting, casting, and woodworking. Anything to scratch that creative itch. He has several pieces of speculative flash fiction published online, and is currently developing a comedy TV show with his writing partner Jason Fischer. 

Services & Groups


The Spectrum Writing workshop stream is designed to teach students a variety of skills, from characters and conflict through to story submissions and how to run a small writing business.

Workshops are fun and hands on, with low numbers in a calm, welcoming environment. Our focus is on self-improvement and actively working towards career/publishing opportunities.

These workshops are designed to equip students with everything they need to succeed as writers – delivered in a fun way.

Ages 11+ 

ADELAIDE CITY GROUP – Wednesday fortnightly during school term, 6pm-7.30pm

ADELAIDE SOUTH GROUP – Thursday fortnightly during school term, 6pm-7.30pm


Dungeons and Dragons
Social Group

Forget what you’ve heard about D&D, this is ASD&D! An Autism-specific roleplaying social group where players old and new can experience the dice-rolling fun in a relaxed, non-pressure setting. All participants receive a complimentary miniature figure and a set of polyhedral multi-sided dice when joining the group. 

ADELAIDE CITY GROUP #1 – Wednesday fortnightly during school term 6pm – 9pm 

ADELAIDE CITY GROUP #2 – Wednesday fortnightly during school term 6:30pm – 9:30pm 

ADELAIDE SOUTH GROUP ONE- Thursday fortnightly during school term 6pm – 9pm

ADELAIDE SOUTH GROUP TWO – Sunday fortnightly during term 2pm -5 pm

ADELAIDE SOUTH GROUP THREE – Monday fortnightly during school term 6pm – 9pm

ONLINE GROUP – Monday fortnightly during term 6pm-8.30pm

New players to the in-person groups receive a complimentary miniature and polyhedral multi-sided dice set. Individual meal, soft drink and chips provided at each session.

ASD&D Battle League

Draw your swords and ready your spells!
ASD&D Battle League is an autism-specific all-combat D&D game, with:
  • Furious D&D combat across exciting arenas and deadly terrain pieces!
  • Random traps and environmental hazards!
  • Player-versus-player combat!
  • Mini and Big Boss Battles!
  • Random Loot drops!
  • League tables!
  • A grand winner’s trophy at the end of each term.
An inclusive social setting to nerd out and have fun!


ASD&D BATTLE LEAGUE GROUP ONE: Sunday fortnightly during school term 10am – 12 pm

ASD&D BATTLE LEAGUE GROUP TWO: Sunday fortnightly during school term 1 pm – 3 pm


We have a number of experienced writing mentors, who collectively have guided several writers from the beginning of their craft to eventual publication and even literary awards.

We specialise in working with writers who have various intellectual disabilities or challenges (such as ASD spectrum and acquired brain injury), and have designed a program to help them achieve their goals.

These mentorships are self-paced and catered to each individual’s needs. Typically a writing mentorship will involve:

    • goal-setting and motivation
    • intensive work on individual stories or pieces
    • guidance on any number of technical skills
    • a publication plan, and assistance with covering letters and submissions

School Workshops

Jason Fischer is an award-winning writer and workshop facilitator, and is available to host writing workshops throughout South Australia.

His workshops are fun and hands-on, and participants leave energised and brimming with ideas.

Sessions can be tailored according to the curriculum, or as a way of breaking your class out of their usual routine. These workshops are intended to cater to schools and community groups where some/all of the participants are on the Autism Spectrum.

Pricing upon application.

    Miniature Painting

    Learn to paint miniatures like a pro! Join our painter Andrew as he teaches you the following painting techniques:

    • Brush choice and care
    • Complementary colours
    • Layering
    • Washes
    • Dry brushing
    • Edge highlighting
    • Weathering
    • Skin
    • Eyes
    • Metallics

    All materials are provided for you,  just turn up! You will get to keep all of the miniatures you paint.

    Therapeutic outcomes can include focus on:

    • Fine motor skills
    • Social inclusion
    • Regulation
    • Mindfulness
    • Stress relief
    • Hand eye coordination

    ADELAIDE SOUTH MINIATURE PAINTING GROUP – Sunday fortnightly during term 11 am -1 pm

    NDIS Support Letters

    Individualised support letters as required for NDIS Plan Review sessions or similar.

    Venue Information:


    Woodcroft/Morphett Vale Community Neighbourhood Centre

    175 Bains Road

    Morphett Vale SA 5162

    (Entry via the rear, ring doorbell no. 5)


    Mitcham Community Centre

    242 Belair Road,

    Lower Mitcham SA 5062

    (Entry via the rear carpark, Room 7)

    (Note: City ASD&D Group #2 meets inside in Room 3)

    Venue Information:


    To be advised. Register today to secure your spot!


    Dungeons and Dragons Social Groups are also being run in our Online Group – ideal for people in remote locations or who prefer to participate from home.

    Sessions delivered via Skype and Roll20.

    Book early to avoid disappointment!

    We run small classes to help our participants get the most out of our sessions. If required, we can add you to a waiting list for future sessions. 


    Who would have thought miniature painting could do so much! Andrew is wonderful and patient with everyone and has a way to explain and teach painting techniques that my son understands. Jason helps explain the characters and keeps the conversations flowing. I can’t forget the skills my son learns such as increase in fine motor skills, attention, regulation and social skills. My son and I have been able to do this together and allow me to become apart in some way to his passion for D&D. Thank you Jason and Andrew both my son and I look forward to the session and learning more about all the techniques to paint beautiful miniatures.

    Spectrum Writing participant

    Jason took his role as a mentor seriously and was proactive in letting me know about opportunities and giving me valuable insight into the publishing landscape. Most importantly, Jason was a source of support and encouragement, using his humour and warmth to keep me going when at times I felt like quitting.

    Stacey Larner

    Short story author with publications in Apex, Aurealis, the Australian Poetry Journal, and the Year’s Best YA Speculative Fiction 2014

    Jason delivered an energetic and multifaceted workshop to our year 11 students. He mixed anecdotes from his life as a writer with useful writing games and tasks. Students were engaged and inspired by the session which supported their learning in English.

    Catherine Carter

    Brighton Secondary School

    Fun and interactive. We need this type of workshop more often!

    Writers SA Workshop participant

    I really enjoyed the interaction with fellow writers in the room.

    Writers SA Workshop participant

    While the mentor program was meant to be for a set amount of time, or quantity of work, Jason went above and beyond. We had a discussion about my goals, and he identified my strengths and weaknesses. As well as critiquing the initial stories I submitted, Jason made a point of introducing me to editors and other writers who he felt might be able to assist me in achieving some of my goals.

    David McDonald

    Author of Captain America: Sub Rosa


    We accept NDIS self-managed clients and NDIS plan-managed clients.

    Self-managed clients are responsible for all payments of invoices. You will need to pay your invoices upfront before the commencement of your sessions. You can claim back these funds from NDIA direct.

    Plan-managed clients – a third party provider is responsible for claiming from your NDIS funding. If you elect this option, you are responsible for sourcing a Plan Management Agency. Spectrum Writing will then forward invoices on to this agency for payment of invoices.

    Payment options – BSB and credit card

    DCSI Clearances

    All Spectrum Writing staff hold a Working with Children Check. These documents may be viewed upon request.

    Contact Us

     We’d love to hear from you.

    Phone:  0407 520 503 

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